Meet Etiquette

Guidelines for enjoying meets.

Parents are the most influential models of behavior for their children.  Children will learn how to react to situations through your example.  Be a positive model for your child. 

Here are some simple guidelines for swimmers and parents when attending a swim meet:

  1. Attend all meets that you have obligated your child
  2. Be on time and check in with your coach
  3. Discuss your child's progress and events at practices, not at meets
  4. Follow the rules of the host pool (These rules should follow the RCSC guidelines)
  5. If you have a disagreement, speak with your own coach first.  Your coach should approach the other team.
  6. Remain patient.  We are all volunteers.
  7. No swearing.  You will be asked to leave the meet
  8. Don't move anyone else's property to make room for your own things
  9. Always clean up after yourself
  10. Pay attention during the meet.  Your will need to assure that your swimmer is at their event.
  11. Civil behavior is expected
  12. Volunteer often

Your help and efforts will make this season one of growth, development and healthy competition for all of our children.